The Founder

I have spent over 15 years working for some of the most iconic global brands innovating sports bras, intimates, and performance apparel.
Over the last 10 years I have had this idea and burning desire to start this company. I finally woke up one day and said to myself "if not now, when?"
So, on January 1st 2019 MINDD (pronounced MIND) was born and on February 19, 2020 The MINDD Bra Company launched to the public. 
MINDD is a personal mantra, a reminder, to be in the moment and pay closer attention to what is Most Important Now (MIN) and Double Down (DD) on it.  In bra terms, it is a simple philosophy that if your bra is on your mind (MINDD) it is probably not working for you. 
My mission is to reimagine the future of bras and intimates, starting with the D+ woman. Knowing a few things about how to make bras I started to think about the bra I would launch first. The design, the materials...with a specific focus on the functional attributes that are most important to her, our customer. After 10 focus groups all around the country, meeting with over 100 women, and thousands more over my career, I knew that comfort was the most important attribute to consider. The second most important attribute was having wire-free bras.
I started to imagine that my favorite sports bra and my most beautiful special occasion bra had a "bra baby". This "bra baby" would represent the next generation of bras, always wire-free, that would be the most comfortable and incredibly beautiful pieces a woman could own. So comfortable in fact that it would be the very last thing you take off at night.
At MINDD we are laser focused on the D+ customer. I am proudly a 36DDD and it has taken me a few years to get comfortable with my shape and curves.  As women, we are multi dimensional, our past experiences defining how we want to feel today and helping guide us into the future. At MINDD we are the most curious, passionate, and completely product obsessed individuals. Driving innovation and developing new comfort and support technologies is our mission.  We strive to bring you the most comfortable and beautiful wire-free bras for your life. - Helena xoxo