The MINDD Bra Values


We believe that a comfortable bra is for everyone, regardless of size. Our founder, who is a 36DDD, was not able to find a beautiful, comfortable, wire-free bra and knew that other women were having the same struggles. This is why MINDD Bra began its journey with D+ sizes first. 

Designing a high quality D+ bra isn’t as simple as taking an A, B, or C cup and making it bigger. It requires a unique combination of materials, textiles, and engineering that our experience and single-minded focus on the D+ customer have enabled us to master. Beyond our D+ focus, we acknowledge that body size doesn’t determine breast size. That’s why we offer our bras in sizes 28D to 42F—and we are working towards extending our sizing even further.


We believe in supporting our customers, our team members, and our world. Our wire free bra technology creates an ultra-natural lift while remaining flexible and breathable. The support starts there—with innerwear that is beautiful and comfortable all day long—and extends to the ways we champion our customers as they live their lives and pursue their dreams. 


We believe that regrets are a waste of time. Wherever you are now is a great starting point for wherever you want to go. Our logo opens up towards the heavens—a daily reminder that the sky’s the limit for all of us.


We believe in the environment and that we are responsible for it. Our commitment to environmentally-conscious fashion begins with removing wires and working with our manufacturing partners to eliminate textile waste in the production of our products. Furthermore, we strive to develop bras and underwear that function so well, you will only need a few of them. (No more lingerie drawers filled with products that will only end up in a landfill.)

We have created one of the most sustainable bras on the planet. Stay tuned for more details! 


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