Over the last 2 years it is you, our customer, that has made my job so much fun. 

I feel so connected to our community, and that is why I wanted to provide some background as we move forward with an exciting retail partnership today!

My career in fashion and innovation started at Victoria's Secret in 2005, where I led the Research & Development team. My team was focused on developing and innovating new bra technologies, finding new ideas, testing new machinery, and working with factories to make a more comfortable bra.

Although my job was in New York at that time, I was able to travel to many small towns across the United States and meet with amazing store associates and customers. They often shared that the local Victoria's Secret store was the only place young women felt comfortable shopping for bras, and it was often the first, and only, time women had ever been fit for a bra. When I travelled outside of New York or Los Angeles, I started to realize how important the Victoria's Secret store was within a community and I always felt proud of the work I was doing.

Over the years we have all seen the ups and downs of VS and I was so excited to hear about the shifts the company was making this year. The company is now led with an almost completely female board, and they are championing some of the most incredible women who are advocating for change in the world.

Earlier this year an advisor asked me if I would ever partner with a retailer to sell MINDD bras and I said, the only retailer I would ever consider is Victoria's Secret.  Education is one of our key values as a company, and Victoria’s Secret has the ability to support that education for women, both in store and online. I followed up that comment saying, I think the MINDD product could make an even bigger difference to even more women if it was sold there.

A short while later, I was approached by the VS team and had the opportunity to meet with them and talk about the prospect of having Victoria's Secret be the exclusive 3rd party retailer for MINDD.  Their team shared the new VS mission and values, and how that always starts with the customer, a focus on inclusivity and being purpose driven with a mission to be the world's leading advocates for women.  As a female, and a founder of an inclusive brand, it was important to hear and see the changes start to take place.

That is why today we are announcing our first and only retail partnership with Victoria's Secret! 

Don't worry, you can still find your favorite bras on our website at www.MINDDBra.com and you can also shop for some of your favorites as well as some new colors & sets on the Victoria's Secret web page as well. Check out our newest color Antique Rose which is our newest New Nude, that is only available exclusively on the Victoria's Secret website here

We wanted to share this news with you first. We value this MINDD community and always want to express how grateful we are for your support.

Helena xox